Charity Food Bank Initiative
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Let's Feed People Together We Can Change The Lives Of Many By Helping The Few

We’re proud to receive to be a charity food partner with Tesco supermarket where we receive food donations which help us feed thousands of families already.

Thanks to the national lottery support our organization was able to get begin feeding hungry families from our Oldham food bank

Darryl Walsh

Darryl Walsh

Founder Of Middleton Community Trust

I began the charity after becoming homeless myself early 2002.After living on the streets for more than 6 months I managed with the help of friends and family to find a place to live and eventually get a job, I decided there and then, that one day I will help support someone like me who just needs a friend and some real advice,I began the food bank project in 2016 and have so far fed over 15000 people, We need your support so we can continue our work please contact us for further information.

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