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Middleton Community Trust

Improving poverty through the use of Blockchain Technology

How we use Blockchain

Middleton community trust has been using Blockchain technology to power our charity organisation since 2017 we turn cryptocurrency donations into food and clothing for the homeless.

Step by step guide of how your charity donation can be used:


Receive a donation in alt coin to our cryptocurrency wallet


We send the alt coins to an exchange and exchange for bitcoin


We then send the bitcoin to a giftcard store that sells vouchers for Tesco, Amazon , Primark etc this is purchased using the bitcoin as payment


We purchased a Tesco giftcard


We then used the Tesco giftcard on Tesco direct there online store to purchase sleeping bags for the homeless


I collected 4 sleeping bags that we had ordered the day before and the manager gave us an extra one because he loved what we were doing

Result: I handed these sleeping bags out to the displaced. This shows just what can be done with your crypto donation.

Why we use Blockchain

When it comes to finding funds to purchase food and clothing for the homeless it can be really difficult, our organisation has decided to reach out to the crypto community for support and inspiration. We want to show the community what blockchain technology can do for the non-profit sector with trusted donations.


- So far our charity organisation has benefited from the use of blockchain technology and has fed, clothed and provided sleeping bags to those in need from our food bank building. We want to help other charities benefit from blockchain technology and show the world that transparent online giving is possible now.

- Seeing where your donation was spent and how it was used is a powerful incentive to give.

- Help us with our fight by donating to our charity fund or purchase an item of clothing from our store using your favourite cryptocurrencies.

- All profits from the store help us spread the word that blockchain rulezz!

Key Statistics on rough sleeping

Our analysis of numbers and trends around people who sleep rough in England.

How many people sleep rough each night?

Is rough sleeping on the rise?

Which areas saw the biggest increases?

people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night.


increase from 2016 to 2017, while since 2010 rough sleeping estimates show an increase of 169%.


increase in the North West of England, followed by the East Midlands (23%) and Yorkshire and the Humber (20%)

We provide sleeping bags for the homeless!

You can help us provide basic hygiene, sleeping bags and clothing by donating to our charity fund or you can purchase a t-shirt for someone in need. With your support we can make someone's life a little bit better, and also spread the word about the benefits of Blockchain technology. All items can be purchased using cryptocurrency, we believe Blockchain technology has some great use cases for the for non-profit sector and we're here to show whats possible.