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Middleton Community Trust

Improving poverty through the use of Blockchain Technology




In 2010, I became homeless when after losing my job I simply couldn’t afford to pay my rent. I applied for council housing and was not considered a priority being a single male over 25. I spent over 6 months living rough on the streets of Manchester, this was the most challenging period of my life and it took its tool physically and mentally. I used food banks, pop up soup kitchens and emergency shower units. I stayed in hostels, abandoned buildings and anywhere I could find where it was safe and I was out of the wind and cold. I vowed that if I ever got back on my feet I would help others in similar situations.

I was helped by friends and a homeless charity from Bolton, Greater Manchester. After seeing first hand the positive impact that charities like this could have on the Homeless community, I founded Middleton Community Trust in 2011. We have since become a registered charity and since the organisation opened, I’m delighted to say, wih the help of our partners Tesco fareshare and Lidl we have provided over 15000 meals and sleeping bags to the hungry and homeless of our city.




Where did the name of the Charity come from?

"Middleton community trust is named after the area in Manchester i grew up in and where our charity hub is based , It’s a low income area with high levels of deprivation with the majority of people living on benefits who use our services."

What messages are you trying to convey?

"The main aim of the charity is to provide support and advice to those in need in our community. We are on the frontline providing food, clothing, basic essentials to anyone who needs it. We are also a pioneer in the charity sector using blockchain technology to advance charitable giving, educating other charities about the benefits of using blockchain technology."

How do you want to be seen as a charitable organisation?

"We want to be seen as a charity who will not stop fighting for the people, the unheard, the marginalised. We want to be seen as an essential frontline service for the city and it’s residents. Also we want to be seen a pioneer of using technology to streamline the charitable process."

What other organisation do you admire and why?

"Tesla because of their contribution to the creation of cheap renewable energy sources, space programs, and there vison of the future."

Anything else you want us to know about your brand?

"Our brand is committed to helping the world. Simple as."

Choose one famous person to represent your brand?

"I’d choose Elon Musk. He’s forward thinking, embraces technology and is giving back to the world."